Coconut Oil Sexual Grease Guide

Coconut Oil Sexual Grease Guide

Coconut Oil Sexual Lubricant Guidebook

Love-making Study: Experimenting with Coconu, Sliquid and System JO coconut oil erotic grease & even more

Coconut oil will be one of those issues I justve heard plenty about, but I actuallym still not exactly sure what I may and are able tod use it for, why I should consider using it and where I should place it. Should I make with it? Slather it through my locks? Funnel it into the auto? Create a tropical-scented go n slide inside of the garden? Why should I choose it over other skin oils? Whatt a good cost? What benefits can I anticipate? And, of training course, are usually coconut engine oil lubes successful & safe for gender &lifier; masturbation?

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SheVibe | Coconu

Yep, there are coconut oil intercourse lubricants. After all, generally there are various other styles of oil-based lubes, consequently why not necessarily coconut? This super fruit has got become documented to offer various health rewards, thus itt unsurprising to discover the coconut craze cross over to the intercourse sector. Could transitioning to coconut oil lubricant offer me any apparent advantages, such as softer, even more supple epidermis? Is definitely there a conspicuous lack of probably damaging or harmful substances, which will be commonly witnessed in some other lubricant formulations? Will be coconut petrol lube compatible with skin, vaginas and making love model products?

Clearly, a great deal of concerns about this type of lube got become heading about my head for yrs. There was only one method Id recognize for positive: do my exploration and statement back again to be able to my readers with the effects.

Read on to find away which coconut oil lubes I tried out, my conclusions and my ultimate favorite.

My Coconut Oil Intimacy Lube Collection


Coconu give properly crafted personal lubricants and natural skin oils infused with coconut normal water and coconut oil, plus some other skin-friendly components. I seemed to be blessed good enough to be sent some of their collection previous season, to attempt out and assessment, and I has been extremely satisfied.

One of the lubes We tried can be the Coconu Oil-Based Lubricant, which lists coconut oil amongst its components.


The Coconu Oil Structured Lube arrives in a squeeze-tube type container, with a flip-top cap. Before 1st employ you need to remove the foil hook from under the plastic material cap. The lubricant will be simple to dispense and you can effortlessly jump n click on the cap back again on so very little worries about animal spills or perhaps leaks.

During Use

My Coconu Oil-Based Lubricant will be yellowy in coloring, quite possibly a touch darker than when I first of all got it in November final calendar year. Maybe the darkening of shade is definitely scheduled to get older, and/or the presence of organic components in the ingredients. It didntestosterone levels be anxious me.

The lube itself senses a tad grainy, a little gritty. It possesses a weak odor of coconut, but little or nothing frustrating. I take pleasure in how slippery it will be, and the glide actually takes. After I had been executed, the lubricant have depart its remains on my epidermis for a longer time. Sooner or later I washed it off with warm soapy drinking water in buy to look completely clear again.

A new plus to this lubricant is how uncomplicated it is to dispense. Simply jump the cap and squash out, after that press the motorcycle back to safely nearby. You get a decent number of lubricant in this tube, and as you only want a little sum for continuing, effective slip, it will last absolutely ages.

Get out considerably more in my Coconu Lubes multi-review function

Sliquid will be recognized simply because a high-quality, trustworthy, body-safe and moral lubricant brand. Their lubes market consistently nicely in intercourse retailers around the planet and of lessons through the thousands of on the internet gender retailers. Item reviewers rave about Sliquid lubricants, which brag clean ingredients ingredients, free of charge of parabens, phthalates, glycerine or various other probably hazardous or uncomfortable additives.

Not really just are Sliquid lubes reassuringly secure, theylso are likewise effective during make use of, adding intensely gratifying slip to your selection of sexual liaison.


I find these little bottles of lube can be very difficult to procure from, depending about the thickness of your selected lube. The Sliquid lubricants themselves will be totally wonderful, but the smaller dimension cylindrical containers can be tough to squeeze plenty of lubricant out of. My advice is definitely to conserve yourself the difficulties and simply dimensions up when you buy! The Sliquid Heart lubricant can be fortunately quite pourable hence the bottle didntestosterone have all of that difficult a squeeze.

There is a protective blank disc under the screw-off cap which requirements taking away before initial use. After that, simply depress one section of the cap to reveal the opening through which the lube is usually tautened. Click on back again to toned to close the container.

During Use

The Sliquid Soul lube simply features a faint coconut scent to it, its transparent rather than opaque and it isntestosterone levels overly wide. It seems simply like a typical water-based or silicone lubricant. I observed that this lubricant layered my fingers, toys and human body pleasant and equally, and it thought hence nourishing and helpful to my pores and skin.

Sliquid Soul didntestosterone offer quite as many slide n slide as a silicone lube, but very much more than water-based. I would put the move aspect strongly between silicone and water-based slipperiness quantities. I seemed to be satisfied that this lubrication didnt try to make myself sense greasy or oily after software or perhaps after playtime was basically over, there has been simply no itchiness like I may get hold of with silicone lubes, and I didntestosterone experience the want to hurry and clean it off.

Enjoy all our Sliquid reviews

System JO Coconut Oil Lubricant

System JO specialises in erectile lubricants, although their big series also consists of intimate enhancers many of these simply because hold off aerosol, shave skin gels, arousal pastes and intercourse toy clearer. The System JO Coconut Petrol Lube is usually a relatively recent supplement to the assortment, and one which offers long been examined in the past right here at the gender blog by lovely participants of my area.

Rattigan simply graded it 4/10:

It seemed to dry out there extremely swiftly which surprised me while I normally use water based lubes. It will be absolutely a item that needs re-applying which can take the time some men and women. As the same time I didntestosterone think like I was departed with sticky residue, which happens a whole lot with some lubes.

While Sum Sub scored it 9/10:

A small amount lasts, and lasts and lasts, and lasts some even more. Of all the non-oil lubes Ive used (which is a superb various), this last seeing that very long if not more than any other Weve tried. It seems evaporation isnp particularly a problem, and whilst typically the epidermis may absorb it, its such a great effective moisturiser that it just lubricates forever! 

&which goes to show how people can experience one product in entirely diverse ways.


The small size System JO lubrication bottles endure from the same problem the smaller Sliquid lube baby bottles have; itt difficult to contract and dispense the lubricant. I observed it harder to dispense this Method JO Coconut Engine oil Lubricant than I did the Sliquid Heart and soul. Itt thicker and therefore not seeing as pourable  in reality its not a lubricant which pours found at all. You dispense a glob of it after squishing the bottle pretty heftily. Once more, my information will be to move up a sizing of gift basket when you order, to keep away from this difficulty.

As usual with good-quality lubes from trustworthy companies, there will be a defending disk under the screw-off cap which desires eliminating before very first use. The dispensation approach after you replace the cap will be the exact same as Sliquid Heart.

During Use

The System JO Coconut Oil Lube possesses even more of a coconut scent about it than Sliquid Soul. It furthermore features a much longer long lasting float. This cross types lubricant (coconut olive oil and water-based) isncapital t transparent like Sliquid, either - itt a semi-opaque white colored. This provides the gain of becoming in a position to plainly find where youve applied the lube, whether about your human body or perhaps when applying with the gender toy.

Even more similarly to Sliquid Soul, I felt that this System JO Coconut Oil Lubricant felt incredibly nourishing and beneficial to my skin. It wasnp itchy either during or after play, and I didntestosterone levels experience the need to clean it off quickly after play.

Alas, that initial exceptional slipperiness didnp last long beyond the primary application. It dissipated with temperature quite quickly as I started my intimate play, even because this lubricant will be a cross with water-based lubricant in the system.

Enjoy all our System JO critiques,

plus my complete manual to the Technique JO series

VITA COCO Coconut Oil

As very well simply because recognised brands of coconut oil lube, I imagined In include things like my experiences with actual, solid coconut petrol while well. The variety you can work with for some other software, such as on your scalp and skin, or as an ingredient in cooking. The form I bought is usually the VITA COCO coconut olive oil, as demonstrated in the photos.


The VITA COCO coconut oil We own is usually in stable form, and will be in a glass jar with a twist-off lid. Thereh a strong scent of coconut once you get rid of the motorcycle, the simple fact its light helps link you to the fact itt coconut, and the perfume & eyesight put together leads to a decidedly tropical sense.

As this is a reliable form of coconut oil, ith quite difficult to dispense if you need to apply it due to a lubricant. I guess you could hold a little spoon quick. If striving to acquire some between your fingertips, it can have a touch of rooting. I likewise wouldnd want to proceed back again and double-dip for extra lube after previously making use of some on entire body or doll; it could business lead to contamination of the remainder of the coconut oil in the vessel if your fingers arent 100% thoroughly clean.

Whichever method you determine to receive it out of the jar, once its between your hands and hands the white wine stable material soon melts with physique temperature into a detritus oil which can it follows that be used directly on your physique or perhaps to coating a compatible-material gender doll.

During Use

I possess observed that if stashed in really a wintry room the coconut oil results in being extra solid and therefore even more hard to obtain out of the glass bottle. I experienced to work with a teaspoon on a few of situations. Your palms want to come to be unlubed and dry in order to twirl the cover off the vessel in the first place. If saved in a warmer bedroom in that case obtaining the lube out is many better as it softens up.

Between hands or on my palm the substance melts to become a clear, water oil extremely quickly. I identified out, during trial and error, that I only required a small amount of coconut oil to take care of a masturbation time - I maintained employing also much and possessing lots of surplus to wipe away. The coconut oil is very clever and delivers great float, which endures. And is maintained, and is maintained. As itt oil, it doesnt dissipate in all  I eventually acquired to rinse it all off with warm soapy water in order to feel correctly nice and clean once again.

An surprising personal bonus to making use of the COCO VITA coconut oil simply because lube: it believed rather kinky! I believe this is down to the reality that it isnt sold or even marketed as a lube or even intimacy enhancer, but rather as a wellness & splendor product or service or a cooking ingredient. It reminded me of when people apply another form of stable preparing food oil, Crisco as an anal fisting lubricant&

Coconut Oil Lubes Video

Enjoy this little xxx video of my coconut oil lubes:


How We Used My Coconut Oil Lubes

During my analysis, I employed my coconut oil lubes simply for masturbation. This is because I desired to use them just for outside stimulation, where theyre easier to wash off soon after. Im not a supporter of having an oil-lining inside my vagina. I donp think furthermore there are just about any detrimental effects from using coconut oil lubricant inside a vagina; I just in my opinion donp want the consideration or even sense of getting lined having grease. With that in head&

Is Coconut Oil A new Good Vaginal Lubricant?

There looks to be conflicting advice relating to whether or certainly not ith free from harm to make use of coconut oil seeing as a vaginal lubricant.

Healthline says that applying coconut oil mainly because a in the event that lube may increase the risk of genital infections.

"Coconut oil possesses a high pH, generating it alkaline, while the normal pH of the vagina is acidic. These components can disrupt the pure pH stability of your vagina. This cantankerous can cause yeast microbe infections or additional vaginal attacks.

If youlso are prone in order to yeast attacks, you may prefer in order to keep aside from using coconut oil just as a new lube until more research is conducted."

On the other hand, Glamour prices Shari Martin Lawson, E.D., category director of common obstetrics and gynaecology at Tom Hopkins Remedies, just as revealing: "I recommend coconut petroleum for go with patients of quarry, and it will be absolutely safe to make use of mainly because a lubricant."

The Glamour write-up goes on the subject of to quote Banafsheh Kashani, N.D., a reproductive endocrinology and infertility consultant, as declaring that "the pH of coconut oil practically properly showcases the vaginal pH, so side results are usually exceptional."

Silicone Gender Toys and games & Coconut Olive oil Compatibility

Although typical oil-based lubricants are usually compatible with genuine silicone sex playthings, I actually required to have the option to conduct a little extra research simply because some of my coconut oil lubes fact-finding mission.

We gripped the closest silicone sex toy, which is definitely a frequently utilized fave simply because it lifetime in my bedside drawer (when definitely not in the obvious place). The flat base offered the best screening web site for the coconut engine oil lubricants Ive discussed in this feature.

Placing a little quantity of each lubricant on the bottom of the butt plug, and keeping it steady with the support of a clear plastic container, We was capable to establish whether the lubes infected the silicone substance over the study course of more than a few days.

You can notice the benefits of my experiment in the pictures below.

At The Begin Of The Research

Right after 5 Days Get in touch with

The System JO lubrication (bottom perfect) experienced improved from semi-opaque whitened to clear, and I was basically concerned that the drier external edge of the structure meant the silicone product acquired happen to be influenced. However, the lubricant (like the snooze of the trials proven) easily wiped off the silicone area without tagging or allowing noticeable damage to the product.

After Wiping Off The Lube

As you can look at below, the surface area of the butt put remained accurately as it possessed been 5 times prior, before staying in communicate with with 4 various coconut oil lubricants throughout.

I trust my research reassures that you are usually capable to use coconut oil lubricants with your genuine silicone gender toys without risking damage to your dear toys. As often, if youlso are inside any doubt, test a new patch check on the doll like Ive accomplished here.

Condom Compatibility

Weartestosterone forget that petrol and latex plastic are certainly not compatible, so do not really use any kind of style of olive oil grease (including coconut essential oil lubes) if youre working with latex condoms. Coconut oil lube and condoms will be most definitely not necessarily compatible.

My Much-loved Coconut Oil Grease

Out of the coconut oil lubricants Ive tried  Coconu, Sliquid Soul, Method JO Cross types and the pure coconut essential oil by COCO VITA  my much-loved to use for erectile enjoyment sessions is definitely the Sliquid Heart and soul.

>> Get yours in this article! <

The Sliquid grease is easier to dispense, even from the small cylindrical bottle, than the System JO, and the glide is definitely longer lasting. It doesnd have the grittiness of the Coconu, and the peace of mind of using a well-known, established and highly respected lubricant company want Sliquid lends it even more excess weight than using the COCO VITA coconut essential oil which isntestosterone marketed for sexual employ.

Will We Use Coconut Oil Lube On a regular basis?

Well definitely turn out to be making use of coconut petroleum more regularly within prospect, after taking advantage of my study for this function. Although my beloved from the ones Ive tried is the Sliquid Soul, I just likewise appreciated working with the Technique JO mixture lube - its just as a result difficult to dispense from that small package. My favorite dispense technique is usually a pump motor dispenser leading, hence Ill have to search about for a much larger number throughout that kind of bottle.

I enjoy the supple skin I find from making use of coconut oil lubricants, and I dreamlandp suffered any bad effects found at most of.

Although Ive relished using these coconut engine oil lubes, Ill keep with using them for external, clitoral enjoyment. Simply my individual alternative! For vaginal stim and making love I prefer a good quality water-based lube. You can discover my faves in my huge guideline to water-based lubes.

Where Can You Buy Coconut Oil Lubricants?

&as nicely mainly because a okay selection (including coconut oil lubes) in SheVibe and Coconu.

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